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I'm reading: Edward Boyle Library reborn for today

Edward Boyle Library reborn for today

When former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan opened the Undergraduate Library in 1975 it was an innovative, state-of-the-art, learning space. What became known as the Edward Boyle Library was at the heart of the university experience for generations of students. Now, after a £25 million investment, the ‘Eddy B’ is as popular as ever and is equipped for the way that students learn today. Although the structure of the building hasn’t changed and rows of bookshelves still chart its six floors, the Library’s technology-rich environment makes it markedly different.

Students can meet round communal tables, pull up portable desks to high-backed armchairs that block out peripheral views, or sit at traditional desks designed to capture maximum natural light. There’s a café, computer clusters, a postgraduate area – and dedicated resources for the study of the physical sciences, engineering and social sciences.