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I'm reading: Gifts bring brain cancer hope

Gifts bring brain cancer hope

With the support of generous donations to our Footsteps Fund, Leeds researchers are pushing forward their search for a new treatment for brain cancer. Professor Susan Short’s research group, based at Leeds Cancer Centre, is investigating the use of an oncolytic virus which can be injected into patients to target and kill brain cancer cells. If successful, the virus will attack tumours while leaving healthy cells unharmed and ‘switch on’ the natural defences of the patient’s immune system to recognise cancer cells and destroy them.

Following our appeal in autumn 2016, gifts flooded in to support this research. More than 1,000 donors contributed a total of £137,000 to support this pioneering research – enabling Leeds to recruit a full-time Lead Research Radiographer. This valuable new member of the team will work closely with patients taking part in clinical trials of the new treatment and monitor possible side effects. More patients will be able to participate and receive the pastoral and medical support they need. “This support is so valuable,” says Susan. “I truly hope we can repay your faith in our work by delivering a new therapy which could be genuinely life-changing for patients facing this terrible disease.”