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Give a little back

There’s something about Leeds that brings out the best in people, as demonstrated by these altruistic alumni.

Orangutans in Sumatra have an effective ally in Panut Hadisiswoyo (MA Communication Studies 2004) who is Founding Director of the Orangutan Information Center, an NGO that conserves and protects both the animals and their forest homes.

Through Campaign Bootcamp, Johnny Chatterton (Economics and Geography 2007) trains people from marginalised groups to run campaigns that challenge injustice and inequality. The Obama Foundation awarded him a fellowship and is helping him to grow the charity significantly.

At the age of 25, Joseph Walsh (Social Work 2016) gave a kidney to a stranger through the kidney-sharing scheme. When he donated his kidney to one patient, their friend or family member gave their kidney to another patient. Joseph now raises awareness about altruistic kidney donation.

Agnes Frimston (English 2008) heard a woman sobbing in a public toilet stall beside her. She soothed the woman, who had recently lost her mother, by reading aloud the poem “To the Woman Crying Uncontrollably in the Next Stall” by Kim Addonizio. When Agnes tweeted about the incident, she prompted hundreds of others to describe how strangers had supported them in tough times.

Agnes Frimston