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I'm reading: Setting the world to rights

Setting the world to rights

Apparently, Jeeja Ghosh (MA Disability Studies 2006) is “incompetent to fly alone”, which was news to her when she was removed from a flight in 2012.

Jeeja, who has cerebral palsy, successfully sued the airline in a case which brought about significant recognition of equal rights for disabled travelers in India. As Head of Advocacy and Disability Studies at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Jeeja works daily to challenge perceptions. “My MA at Leeds really inspired me to get involved and make a difference to disabled people’s rights”, she says. Jeeja’s life was recently explored in an award-winning documentary, “I’m Jeeja”. For Jeeja, the shooting was an enjoyable experience. “The film will go a long way in establishing the rights of the disabled”, she says.