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  1. Immurement, by Ben Eggleton

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    (Art and Design 2014), reflects the debilitating effect of dementia. Set in the Clothworkers’ Central Building common room, it shows three solid figures in armchairs, suggesting their physical and mental entrapment in their own bodies.

  2. Liliane Lijn’s Converse Column

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    a nine-metre high revolving column of transforming words, was unveiled outside Nexus last year. Its twin cylinders of continually-moving words represent communication as a creative symbol of both Nexus and the wider University.

  3. Simon Fujiwara’s A Spire

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    is an arresting sight for those approaching the University on Woodhouse Lane. It’s conceived as a visual timeline, a skyward archaeology connecting the heavy industry of the city’s past with a cleaner, greener present.

  4. Keith Wilson’s five-metre Sign for Art

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    dominates Beech Grove Plaza outside the Great Hall. It replicates two spaced fingertips being drawn in a wave across the forehead of a deaf-blind student – a tactile announcement of their imminent activity of making art.