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The kindness of a stranger

Estranged from her father and having lost her mother to cancer, Sustainability and Environmental Management student Meegan Worcester studied for her A-levels while sleeping in the living room of her brother’s student house in Nottingham. “I didn’t have a desk so I’d stay on after school to revise,” she says.

She was determined to get to Leeds, having “fallen in love with the place” at an open day. After achieving high A-level grades she enrolled in 2018: “My brother and I came up on the train, but when he left I felt very alone. Other girls’ parents were saying they’d send money and visit. Everything was sorted for them.”

Meegan threw herself into the Plus Programme, a year-round suite of tailored support for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. “I joined lots of their Freshers’ Week events because I knew there would be people like me there.” There were. Meegan is one of more than 800 students whose studies are currently supported by a scholarship funded by alumni and other donors. “This helps financially, of course,” she says. “But it’s also good to know that a stranger thinks you’re worthy of support.”

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